Jordan is where the greatest Bible events took place! See the land of Genesis in the Jordan Valley, the place of God’s creation and the spiritual area of God’s covenants with mankind; travel on the Kings Highway, the world’s oldest continuously used communication route; see Noah’s tomb and follow the adventures of Abraham as he travelled through Jordan, where God first interacted with man and appeared many times.

Through Job, Jordan witnessed the earliest human movement towards monotheism; Experience the ancient Biblical Kingdoms of Edom, Moab and Ammon; Where God protected Lot, as he fled from Sodom and was sheltered in a cave; where Jacob and Esau made their pact, Jacob, as he wrestled with an angel by the Jabbock River; and Moses, as he led the great Exodus northwards from Aqaba. There’s Mount Hor, where Aaron died and was buried; the plains of Moab, where Moses gave his final instructions and blessing; Beth Peor, where he pleaded with God to be allowed to enter the Promised Land; Mount Nebo, where he glimpsed it and died; Experience the oldest mosaics in the world; See the Decapolis city of Jerash; Learn where Joshua crossed the Jordan River; Elijah’s homeland, his tomb and his ascension to Heaven; See the magnificent city of Petra, where the wise men brought their gifts to baby Jesus.

At Bethany Beyond the Jordan, where Elisha cured the leper in the waters of the Jordan River, where John preached and baptized Jesus, where the Holy Trinity occurred and Christianity was born; where Jesus was tempted in the wilderness and met his first disciples; See Perea where Jesus preached, performed many miracles and healed the sick; at Machaerus, where John was beheaded at Herod’s fortress. Learn about the tombs in Umm Qais, which the Gadarene demoniac frequented and Jesus shared many parables with his followers; In Jordan, where the first Christians fled from Jerusalem; the earliest ever churches were built; the land of peace and refuge and where the Second Coming of Jesus will occur as recorded in the Bible. In Jordan the Bible comes alive.

Virtual Tour at Peace River Jordan